Frequently Asked Questions

If we cannot get you a HOT LEAD/APPOINTMENT in 2 weeks,
we will give your money back. No questions asked!

Who are we?

YES Virtual Assistants is a small group of close-knit professionals working together to help the clients increase their revenue and grow their business through cold calling and lead generation.


Office Address: L4 B4, Cerhil, Quebiauan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. 

Google Verified Listing:

Phone Number: +63 (045) 402-1285 | US number: +1 (323) 412-7201

Business Registration: Click this Link for the Image


What cold calling campaigns can we do?

We specialize in US Real Estate Cold Calling and Appointment Setting. We also offer B2B Telemarketing.



1. Prospecting for Motivated Sellers

2. Cash Offer to Distressed Homes

3. Expired Listings

4. Lead Follow-ups

5. FSBOs Listing Offers

6. Probates

7. Lead Nurturing

8. B2B Telemarketing

9. B2C Telemarketing

Do you have cold call recording samples?

Cash Offer to Homeowners:

Customer Service:

Expired Listing Appointment:

Open House Invitation:

Buyer Follow-up:  

What do I need to provide?

As a client, you only need to provide your Lead List and VOIP or Phone Dialer Log-ins. We can provide a Skype Phone Dialer but it has been noticed that leads do not tend to pick up the phone if the caller ID is a non-local number. We also have our editable scripts that have worked for many of our clients.


Our preferred phone dialers and systems:

1. Mojo Dialer

2. Google Hangouts

3. Skype with unlimited minutes to call US and Canadian Numbers and a paid caller ID


5. Grasshopper Dialer

6. Mighty Call

7. Ring Central


Note: You can also have your own preferred dialer

How does it work?

 After signing up…


1. VA Selection You will meet and choose your potential VA’s in one or two Zoom or Google meetings.


2. Preparation for the Job – We will train your VAs further (1 or 3 days) if needed or requested only.


3. Official VA Hand-off with the Team Leader and Online Tools or Systems Introduction 


4. Actual Work


5. Regular Work Quality Analysis and Coaching (Management only. Clients can participate if requested)

Why choose YES VAs if there are bigger and more popular agencies out there?



They take as much as 15% to 70% of the VA’s salary. I.e. You pay them $1,800 a month but the VA only gets $700 out of it.

The small salary cut goes to social security and health insurance coverage, time and work tracking software, training expenses, coaching, job monitoring, quality analysis, bank processing fees, and contingencies like VA replacement if needed

You have to train the VA yourself. On the other hand if he/she is experienced enough, the hourly rates can go really high.

With YES VAs, we do all of the VA training for you. Your business SOP and preferences will always be considered and you have the freedom to train your VA as well but one thing is for sure, we won’t tolerate mediocrity and lack of discipline.

Minimal monitoring.

We use a time tracking software to monitor the VAs. and sometimes, the Team Leader and the VAs are working closely together. Moreover, we conduct regular and weekly QA assessment to ensure that the VAs deliverables and KPI’s are met.

Random strangers applying for a job.

YES VAs are professionals managed by the people with close ties to the Virtual Assistants. Hence, the rigid background check.

If your VA is underperforming or has attendance issues, it’s very inconvenient to replace him/her.

With YES VA’s, the management includes a Team Leader (TL) who will take over the job/project if the VA is absent or is having some unexpected issues. If there is an underperformance problem (least likely) or the client is not satisfied with the VA’s work output, the latter can be replaced any time under the discretion of the client but only after all the coaching has been executed.


If you are ready to have your YES VA, sign up now!

For questions and clarifications prior to signing up, you can schedule a phone call with the management.

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