Red Flags to Watch Out when Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Since the boom in hiring offshore or remote employees that we refer to as “Virtual Assistants” started, many have benefited from this business-employer partnership.

To date, millions of companies all over the world are hiring Virtual Assistants but only a few knew these red flags to watch out for when hiring a VA.

They can practically slack off and do everything they can at home – While it is humanely acceptable to have VA’s who are eating while working (It can actually boost productivity), some employers or clients are not aware that there are some remote employees who can be doing something else like watching a movie, sleeping, or worse, leaving their home or office while the company clock is rolling.

For tasks or projects that do not have concrete deliverables, it can be frustrating to know if your VA is honestly doing his job or just sleeping. The solution: invest in a computer or work tracking software like Hubstaff or Time Doctor. It’s optional but definitely a big help in boosting productivity.

They have multiple clients – Believe it or not it is easy for experienced VA’s to get away with this smelling like roses. Although you can create a contract that would prohibit this, they can always find ways to do it still. Now if their wage is not attractive enough, surely you would understand why some of them had to do this.

They can be dishonest about their skills and experience – “White lie” is still a lie. Realistically speaking, some VA’s do this to increase their chances of getting hired by the company. You’re lucky if the person you’ll hire would compensate by self-studying but you’re not if they’ll remain complacent and clueless about what they are doing. The solution: do a background check and ask for previous employers’ references. If they cannot provide that, create a job test.

In conclusion, not all Virtual Assistants are as bad as these. Some could be more loyal than your local employee and would take care of your business wholeheartedly as if it is their own. This is bound to naturally happen if you’ll treat your VA not just as an assistant or employee but as a valuable asset to your company or much better, a good friend.

Red Flags to Watch Out when Hiring a Virtual Assistant
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